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We present you exceptional marijuana seeds from the seed queen Royal Queen Seeds. The self-flowering Royal CBG Automatic variety produces a large amount of "parent cannabinoid" CBG together with a high amount of CBD and almost zero THC. More

The description of Royal CBG Automatic self-flowering seeds is taken from the official manufacturer Royal Queen Seeds. Under current Czech laws, these goods have limited use and are used exclusively for collecting purposes.

Royal CBG Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds

This self-flowering variety is a new milestone in the Royal Queen Seeds marijuana seed bank collection. Royal CBG Automatic has the highest CBG content of all the varieties of this seed bank.

In addition to high cannabigerol production, it also boasts a high CBD content and almost zero THC content.

These quality cannabis seeds of the Royal CBG Automatic variety have acquired self-flowering genetics and high CBG production from their carefully selected parents. The breeders crossed the self-flowering variety Goliat Auto with the variety rich in CBG .

The resulting autoflowering variety has a dominant sativa in the genotype, supplemented by indica and ruderalis.

Royal CBG Automatic is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Due to its small size, it is suitable for growers who want to grow a larger number of plants in a relatively small area. In the indoor environment, the plants grow to a height of about 90 cm. They are ready for harvest about 10 weeks after germination and you can expect a harvest of 350-450 g / m2. In the outdoor environment, the plants are about 100 cm high and reach a harvest of 30-50 grams per plant.

You can use various cultivation methods to grow cannabis plants of this variety, and the colder climate suits it.

Details of the Royal CBG Automatic hemp variety

Genetics : Goliate Auto x variety rich in CBG

Genotype: 75% sativa, 20% indica, 5% ruderalis

Flowering time : 7 weeks

Harvest time : 9 - 10 weeks after sprouting

Indoor yield : 350 - 450 g / m2

Outdoor yield: 30 - 50 g / plant

THC : 0.09%

CBD : 5%

CBG : 6 - 8%

Royal CBG Automatic - self-flowering seeds - CBD and CBG indicator


Flowering type autoflowering
Version feminized
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype sativa
CBD content high (nad 5%)
THC content very low (do 1%)
Yield medium
Placement indoor, outdoor
Height small (up to 1 m)
Difficulty small
Genetics CBG bohatá odrůda
Active substance CBD, CBG