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Ruderalis Indica was bred as a psychoactive hybrid showing rubella but with a much higher THC than its wild relative More

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Ruderalis Skunk Standard from Sensi Seeds

Ruderalis Skunk is the most powerful descendant of hemp rum. Ruderalis crossed Skunk n. 1 to make it more profitable, and at the same time managed to prove in a mild climate.

Cannabis cannabis grows wild in northeastern Europe and has the character of self-sacrificial plants. Even the Thc content is higher than that of conventional hemp rum. So you have the certainty that even the unfavorable weather will not affect the ripening of the plant.

Ruderalis Indica was bred as a psychoactive hybrid showing rubella hemp traits but with much higher THC than its wild relative. Ruderalis Skunk wasBred with the opposite properties, preserved the vitality of the hemp ruby, but the remaining characters took over from Skunk n. 1.

Approximately 50% of plants will act as autoflowers. As with Ruderalis indicy, Ruderalis Skunk blossoms as soon as the 7th leaf appears on a young plant and is therefore not dependent on the light period (flowering time 5-10 weeks). The other 50% of the plants begin to bloom in the envy of the day and night.

The length of the flower is similar to Early Girl and Early Skunk. This half of plants will have a higher yield.

Ruderalis Skunk shoots similarly to Skunk, but is a bit higher than a regular indica. Self-sacrificing plants are not more than 2 meters long.

Genetics : Indica

Flowering : September / October

Yield : over 300 g

Height of plant : 200 - 300 cm


Flowering type photoperiod
Version regular
Flower length short (up to 8 weeks)
Genotype indica
Packaging 10 seeds
CBD content low (do 1%)
THC content high (15-20%)
Yield medium
Placement outdoor
Height medium (1 - 1.5m)
Trophies unknown
Difficulty medium
Terpenes karyofylen, myrcen, pinen
Genetics Skunk n.1