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Saffron has been used as a natural skin treatment since ancient times and continues to be a popular choice for healing salves and skin care. More

Saffron(Crocus sativus)

Saffron oil, also popularly known as Caesar oil or Saffron oil, is produced by low-temperature maceration (solar infusion) of live, crimson fibres (stigmas) from the flowers of Crocus sativus (commonly known as saffron crocus) in organic cold-pressed sweet almond oil.

Saffron oil uses

Saffron (Kesar) oil is a natural anti-aging agent . Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. Kesar oil is known to have skin brightening and healing properties and can help heal moles, even out skin texture and lighten skin. It is also an excellent moisturizer and skin conditioner.

Safflower (Kesar) oil also has powerful antioxidant and skin protective properties. Its antioxidant nature means that it is useful for both preventative skin care methods and for healing already damaged skin. In addition, saffron oil is excellent for nourishing and strengthening hair and scalp, soothing irritation and swelling caused by hot conditions, including rashes and eczema. With all of its benefits, saffron oil is a great addition to all of your skin care products.

How to use

The oil is suitable to use for aromatherapy.

The oil can be used to enrich beauty creams, for bathing or massage.

It is a cosmetic product, not intended for internal use.


Volume 10 ml