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This luxurious customer gift contains a wide range of 100% natural essential oils with different fragrances that can be used for aromatherapy, skin care and mood enhancement. To this we add a modern aroma diffuser with realistic flame imitation and an elegant ceramic aroma lamp. More


This gift pack is the perfect way to bring the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy into your everyday life. Each product has been carefully selected for its unique properties and aromas that help relax the mind and body.



✅Lemon oil - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅Camellia - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅ Sage - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅Ylang ylang - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅ Prickly pear - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅Lavender - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅Clove - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅Bergamot - 100% natural essential oil 10ml

✅Aroma diffuser with flame imitation

✅ Aroma lamp ceramic white 12.5x10.5cm



Lemon oil (10ml)

✅100% natural essential oil with a refreshing lemon scent.

✅Use in cleaning products, cosmetic products and to improve mood.

Antioxidant effects for skin care and emotional relaxation.


Camellia (10ml)

Contains fatty acids for healthy skin and hair.

✅Ideal for cosmetic products, toiletries and skin hydration.

✅Helps maintain skin elasticity and improves the appearance of dark spots.


Sage (10ml)

✅Distilled from medicinal sage to stimulate the respiratory tract.

✅Supports memory and cognitive functions.


Ylang Ylang (10ml)

✅Sensual floral fragrance with therapeutic effects.

✅Provides balance, promotes hair growth and reduces stress and depression.

✅Ideal for aromatherapy and aphrodisiac.


Prickly pear (10ml)

✅Improves skin appearance, reduces dark spots and promotes wound healing.

✅Contains vitamins A, E, K and others for healthy skin and hair.

✅It is quickly absorbed and hydrates the skin.


Lavender (10ml)

French lavender oil for relaxation and mood improvement.

✅Helps soothe the skin, repel insects and promotes emotional stability.

Distinct floral tones with nuances from the French fields.


Clove (10ml)

✅Spicy fragrance for use in dentistry.

✅Helps with pain, inflammation and has antioxidant effects.

✅Increases self-confidence and promotes relaxation.


Bergamot (10ml)

✅It is used in perfumery and reduces pain and inflammation.

✅Soothes the mind and promotes emotional stability.


Aroma diffuser with flame imitation

✅Realistic visual flame effect with ultrasonic technology.

✅Timer for automatic shutdown and USB charging.

Humidizes the air and promotes health.


Aroma lamp ceramic white (12.5x10.5cm)

Elegant design for relaxation and a pleasant aroma.

✅Universal use with scented waxes or essential oils.

It creates a relaxing atmosphere and is a decorative element at the same time.