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Siberian pine oil has a bright yellow appearance and a pleasant fresh scent. This miracle oil can be helpful in treating acne and other skin conditions including psoriasis. It is perfect for nourishing dry hair and nails. More

Siberian pine(Pinus sibirica)

Siberian cedar (Pinus sibirica) oil, also called pine seed oil or cedar nut oil, is extracted from selected kernels of freshly shelled Siberian cedar (Pinus sibirica) nuts using a traditional cold mechanical pressing method, without the use of heat or chemicals. The Pinus sibirica, which is an evergreen tree, can reach a height of up to 40 metres and is native to the Eurasian region. It is characterised by its long and blue-green needles together with reddish-brown bark.

Siberian pines (growing in Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan) provide seeds with the highest content of pinolenic acid and also antioxidants, known for their medicinal properties.

Uses of Siberian pine oil

Cedar nut oil has a long history of therapeutic use in Siberia. Pine nuts and pine oil have always been a medicine and a very necessary source of vitamins (E, F, B1, B2, B3, B4, D) and minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine) for people living in the remote and cold Siberian forests. Many Siberians still use a tablespoon of Siberian pine nut oil daily or use pine nut oil for cooking instead of olive or other vegetable oil.

High in vitamins, Siberian pine oil effectively maintains skin elasticity and reduces the risk of skin sagging. It is a natural anti-aging agent, rich in antioxidants and vitamin E and a useful moisturizer for flaky skin, especially beneficial for people living in cold and dry climates. In addition, Siberian pine oil is naturally warming, so applying it to the skin provides extra protection against severe colds. In addition, Siberian pine seed oil has antibacterial activity, making it an ideal choice for wound and burn treatment mixtures .

How to use

The oil is suitable to use for aromatherapy.

The oil can be used to enrich cosmetic creams, for bath or massage.

It is a cosmetic product, not intended for internal use.


Volume 10 ml