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CBD flowers are a legal form of cannabis that is non-psychoactive.
Grown in a greenhouse. More

Our CBD Skywalker Cannapio Genetics flowers have the following values according to an accredited analysis:

CBD total: 8.34% wt.

delta-9-THC: 0.128% wt.

Total THC: 0.210% wt.

The stated values are measured by an accredited laboratory.

Legal cannabis

The legality of cannabis is set at 0.3% of total THC in most countries. Within this limit, the psychoactivity of cannabis is considered to be negligible, so it falls into the category of technical cannabis, which can be legally grown, processed, and stored.

Packaging: 10 grams

CBD flowers serve as a raw material for further processing.

All products sold by Cannapio comply with European laws on hemp cultivation:
- The European Government Delegate No. 639-2014;
- The European regulation No. 1307/2013.


CBD content high (nad 5%)
Active substance CBD