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CBD flowers are a legal form of cannabis that is non-psychoactive. It contains an increased proportion of CBD which helps for a number of ailments.
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Our CBD flowers from Cannapio Genetics Harlequin have the following values according to accredited analysis:

CBD total : 8.34% w/w.

0.128% wt.

THC total: 0.210% w/w.

These values are measured by an accredited laboratory.

Legal cannabis

The legality of cannabis is set at 0.3% of total THC in most countries. Up to this limit, the psychoactivity of cannabis is considered negligible, placing it in the category of technical cannabis, which can be legally grown, processed and possessed.

High CBD content

Helps with insomnia
CBD calms and helps to fall asleep. The body is relaxed and calmed after CBD.

Helps with pain
CBD is especially good for affecting long-term pain, such as joint pain. It is a natural alternative for drugs, especially opiates, which are not advisable to take for a long time.

Helps relieve stress
CBD helps to relax after a lot of mental stress.

Packing: 1 gram

CBD flowers serve as raw material for further processing.

40/2009 Coll.: §283, §284, §285, §286, §287.


CBD content high (nad 5%)
Extraction 8,3% CBD
Active substance CBD
Weight 1g