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This gift pack combines several handmade delicacies into one elegant package, bringing new and delicious experiences. It is the perfect gift for lovers of fine food and unique flavour combinations. More


This gift pack offers a wide range of delicious products that combine quality ingredients with unique flavors. It is ideal for those who want to discover new taste experiences and choose from handmade goodies.




✅CBD Hemp gouda cookies Cannapio 100g

✅Šufan peanut butter soft 100% 330g

✅Dark chocolate 70% with raspberries

✅Coconut spa cookies



CBD Hemp gouda cookies Cannapio

Handmade cookies with a unique combination of flavors.

✅The composition contains wheat flour, Gouda cheese, clarified butter, sea salt, hemp extract and MCT oil.

✅Each package contains 100 mg of CBD in the form of a full spectrum extract for those looking for CBD products.

✅The package weighs 100 g and contains approximately 37 cookies.

✅Biscuits are labeled as a dietary supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.


Šufan peanut butter fine 100%

Luxury peanut butter made from premium peanuts without added ingredients.

✅It does not contain palm oil, gluten, or ingredients of animal origin, which makes it suitable for a wide range of preferences.

✅Peanuts are of Greek origin and have a specific bitter taste.

Careful roasting and grinding ensures the true taste of roasted peanuts.


Dark chocolate 70% with raspberries

✅Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content for lovers of dark chocolate.

✅Contains freeze-dried raspberries that preserve nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a unique taste.

✅Without added preservatives.

✅Nutritional information per 100 g includes 584 kcal/2442 kJ of energy, 41 g of fat, 45 g of carbohydrates, 7.7 g of protein and 0.1 g of salt.


Coconut spa cookies

Oat biscuits ideal for a quick, healthy and nutritious snack.

✅They contain oatmeal, cane sugar, rapeseed oil, coconut and eggs.

✅A quick and tasty snack for people on the move, including children.