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With the intent to acquire this mixed variety of Indica/Sativa Dutch Passion, they crossed the male White Widow plant and the female "Ultimate". High is strong and intense but allows the user to remain active. More

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White Widow X The Ultimate Standard by Dutch Passion

This excellent and long-awaited hybrid of two of the most respected varieties offers excellent yields in the form of very strong sticks abundantly covered with resin.

We offer this variety only in the form of normal seeds. Surely it will be popular with beginning growers, old school experts, and domestic growers who are interested in a reliable, strong variety that is easy to grow and shows robust growth.

For many years we have been receiving requests for the development of White Widow, one of the original cult varieties, as well as representatives of our collection with the highest Indica representation. Ultimate can be among our varieties most likely not only for the one that offers the highest yield but also for the variety very strong.

With the intent to get this mixed Indica/Sativa variety, they crossed the White Widow plant and the female "Ultimate".

High is strong and intense but allows the user to remain active.

The plants are highly oily and have an obvious taste of Haze, along with an earthy/citrus flavor that intertwines with the pine.

It reaches a height of 1.5 m, gives very good yields, and works well in all media, with the best results being achieved by the DWC (Deep Water Culture) method.

Plants can be harvested already after eight weeks, but it is better to wait for 10 weeks when the whole production of sticks and maturity is reached.

Type: fifty/fifty

Genetics: White Widow X The Ultimate

Height: 1 m

Yield: very high

Harvest: 8-10 weeks

THC: 17-19%


Flowering type photoperiod
Version regular
Flower length medium (8-10 weeks)
Genotype fifty-fifty
Packaging 10 seeds
CBD content low (do 1%)
THC content high (15-20%)
Yield high
Placement indoor, greenhouse
Height small (up to 1 m)
Trophies unknown
Difficulty medium
Terpenes karyofylen, humulen
Genetics White Widow, The Ultimate