Regular marijuana seeds are those that have not gone through the feminization process, so they produce roughly 50:50 male and female cannabis plants. Because regular cannabis seeds are non-feminized, they are the best option for other breeding projects. Male plants produce pollen, which is needed for the formation of seeds for the next generation of plants. Regular seeds are the most natural form of cannabis seeds and are not modified in any way to benefit female plants. Regular seeds provide pure, natural cannabis genetics that produce healthy male and female plants.

Always inform yourself about the current legislation of your country. The seller is not responsible for improper handling and cultivating.

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Jack Flash - 10 seeds standardized Sensi SeedsJack Flash - 10 seeds standardized Sensi Seeds

Jack Flash - 10 seeds standardized Sensi Seeds

Within 5 days
78,20 €
Flowering type photoperiod
Genotype indica
Placement outdoor
From his ancestors Afghanistan and Skunk, he chose only the best - energy for growth and good yield . However, he did not have the effect,…