The world of cannabis and CBD is growing, and with it the number of brands and manufacturers emerging in the industry. As a result, Cannapio offers a range of premium European and global seedbanks. Their portfolios include marijuana seeds from legendary and completely unique cannabis genetics. If you're looking for feminized, regular, autoflowering or photoperiodic cannabis genetics, you've come to the right place. Among other things, we also offer popular CBD cannabis seed varieties or legal (due to conditions and laws in Czech Republic) cannabis genetics with up to 1% THC. We take care to provide quality genetics and maintain the highest possible quality and germination of cannabis seeds.

The Cannapio CBD shop offers a range of products with higher or lower cannabidiol and other cannabis substances. In addition to CBD oils, cannabis flowers, capsules or crystals, you will also find CBN and CBG oils or isolate in our range. We must not forget about hemp CBD cosmetics or hemp food. Your pets will also find something for themselves, for which we have CBD oils for pets. There are also popular essential oils, terpenes used in aromatherapy and massage.