Are you looking for quality cannabis seeds but can't choose the right one among the many brands? We can help you quickly with that. The articles in this category will help you solve this dilemma once or twice. In them you will learn information about the history and establishment of specific brands. But also, of course, a description of the individual genetics of hemp seeds, from the legendary ones to the absolute uniques of specific seedbanks.

Are you looking for feminized seeds that will give you 98% exclusively female plants? Or prefer autoflowering seeds also called Autoflowers? Our articles will clarify all the pros and cons, making the decision-making process much easier for you. Don't know the difference between photoperiod or regular hemp seeds? You are right here! We will help you clarify the basic differences, summarize the pluses and minuses, and advise which type might be the most suitable. CBD varieties of hemp seeds, which contain a large amount of CBD and a wide range of uses, did not escape our attention.

If you are still fumbling and looking for the right one, our articles will surely guide you in the right direction.