Skunk #1 and Blueberry are two different cannabis varieties with their own unique characteristics and flavours. Skunk #1 is known for its intense aroma and flavour, which can sometimes be likened to the aftertaste of skunk. This strain has a hybrid character that includes sativa and indica characteristics. Skunk #1 is usually medium height and has a medium length flower. It has strong effects that can be euphoric and physically relaxing. Blueberry is an indica dominant variety that is known for its sweet and fruity flavor, reminiscent of berries, especially blueberries. This variety is often sought after for its physical relaxing effects and potential to eliminate stress and anxiety. The Blueberry plant is usually of medium height and has a medium length flower. Both of these varieties have their followers and are suitable for different preferences. Skunk #1 offers an intense aroma and flavor with hybrid effects, while Blueberry appeals to those seeking a sweet fruity taste and physical relaxation. Each of these varieties has specific characteristics that may appeal to different users. The cultivation of some varieties of cannabis may be restricted by legislation.

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Blueberry - feminized seeds 5 pcs SeedsmanBlueberry - feminized seeds 5 pcs Seedsman

Blueberry - feminized seeds 5 pcs Seedsman

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Flowering type photoperiod
Genotype indica
Placement indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Feminized Blueberry seeds from Seedsman seedbank are mostly indica genotype. The history of this variety dates back to the late 1970s. It…