In the cannabis world, Skywalker Haze and Lemon Haze represent two genetics with distinct characteristics and popularity.

Skywalker Haze is characterised by its tall plant structure, which means it may require more vertical space during its growth. Growers should also expect a longer flowering season with this variety, but many argue that this is offset by its unique citrus and spicy flavor profile.

In contrast, Lemon Haze is known, as the name suggests, for its distinctive lemon terpene profile. This variety tends to grow to a medium height, making it suitable for many growing environments. Its bloom cycle is usually slightly shorter than Skywalker Haze, which may be appealing to some growers.

Whether you choose the complex profile of Skywalker Haze or the refreshing citrus notes of Lemon Haze, both genetics offer a range of therapeutic properties that make them popular with consumers.

The cultivation of some cannabis varieties may be restricted by legislation.