Technical hemp is a versatile plant. The stem provides the fiber. Cannabis seeds are a source of oil and fats containing omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. The oil is mainly used in the food industry, pharmacy and cosmetics. Technical hemp plants are also suitable for the production of home-made oils rich in CBD, for the production of ointments or other CBD-containing snacks. In cannabis we find important specific substances called cannabinoids. Based on the discovery of phytocannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system was discovered in 1988, including cannabinoid receptors, which were later found in all parts of the human body. Technical hemp is not suitable for the production of marijuana. Hemp plants have a wide range of uses - hemp tea, hemp ointment, hemp seeds and other hemp products.

Always inform yourself about the current legislation of Cannabis seeds in your country. The seller is not responsible for improper handling or cultivating.

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Felina 32 - technical hemp 25pcs CannapioFelina 32 - technical hemp 25pcs Cannapio

Felina 32 - technical hemp 25pcs Cannapio

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Genotype sativa
Genetics Monoica
Seeds of certified technical hemp Felina 32 in a package of 25 pcs. Cannabis that you can grow legally.