Terms and conditions valid according to the laws of the Czech Republic.


The purchase creates a valid order between the seller (Léčebné konopí s.r.o., Bělehradská 858/23, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, ID: 04263995, ahoj@cannapio.com) and the buyer.
The purchase takes place through remote means of communication such as the e-shop interface, email, chat or telephone.
These terms and conditions are publicly available and the buyer agrees to them before completing the purchase.
The seller reserves the right to cancel the order if there is a visible error, incomplete data for delivery, or there are doubts about the possible misuse of the sold goods.
Telephone communication between the buyer and the seller is charged according to the applicable prices of the operator of the relevant party.
Information about the purchase, as well as the personal data of the buyer, are protected according to the applicable GDPR laws and the seller does not transfer them to any third party and are kept exclusively for the seller's needs.
By purchasing, the buyer confirms that he is over 18 years old.


The prices for the goods are final, shown with VAT. Prices in EUR are converted according to the current CNB price list. The seller can grant the buyer a discount based on loyalty points in the competition or on the basis of a promotional offer. Promotional offers are valid while supplies last.
The seller ships the order in the shortest possible time. For goods in stock within a maximum of 2 working days. If the goods are not in stock, or if they are sold out immediately, the goods are ordered new and shipped no later than the second day after they are restocked.
The buyer is obliged to take over the order based on the type of transport chosen. If the seller incurs damage caused by the buyer not picking up the goods, the seller can demand reasonable compensation for the resulting loss, namely the cost of postage, packaging material, wear and tear of the goods and administrative costs.
The buyer has the obligation to notify the seller of problems during delivery by the carrier (eg: the order is sent but did not arrive at the required time, the packaging is damaged, the customer did not take delivery of the goods, etc.).
The shipping price is listed on the Shipping page according to the carrier's current prices. The cost of postage varies according to the total weight of the order. Shipping prices are shown including VAT.


The buyer has the right to withdraw free of charge from the purchase within 14 days of receiving (acquiring) the goods. The goods must be undamaged and sent back to the store's contact address no later than the 14th day after the buyer took over the goods.

To withdraw from the purchase contract, the buyer can use the sample form provided by the seller, which forms an appendix to the terms and conditions. Withdrawal from the purchase contract can be sent by the buyer to, among other things, the address of the seller's place of business: Masarykova 202, Luhačovice, 76326, Czech republic. Or to the seller's e-mail address hello@cannapio.com.
At the same time as sending the goods, the customer notifies the seller of the return of the goods with data to identify the order, namely name, address, email or telephone, payment contact and order number (invoice or electronic order confirmation).
If the seller requests it, the customer will also provide proof of payment and proof of shipment.
The seller returns the payment to the buyer, including shipping costs, no later than the 14th day after the return of the goods. The amount is returned in the same way as the payment for the order, or as agreed. The refunded amount for shipping corresponds to the cheapest shipping offered in the e-shop.
Withdrawal from the purchase is not possible if: a) the seller incurred damage b) modified the goods specially according to the wishes of the buyer c) the goods were removed from the hygienic packaging.


If the goods are defective, visibly damaged or have hidden defects, the buyer has the right to claim within 2 years.
Complaints cannot be applied to goods caused by wear and tear, self-damage, perishable goods and goods removed from hygienic packaging.The claimed goods are sent to the seller's contact address.
At the same time as sending the goods, the customer notifies the seller of the complaint, by email to ahoj@cannapio.com or by phone. The buyer attaches to the goods a description of the defect and information to identify the order such as name, address, e-mail or telephone number, order number. The buyer will be notified of the claim within a week of delivery.
If the seller requests it, the buyer will also provide proof of sending the goods back.
The amount for the claim is paid back within a maximum period of 30 days from the shipment of the goods.


CBD and hemp products on the Cannapio e-shop meet the legislative requirements of the Czech Republic. The content of the cannabinoid THC does not exceed the legal limit of 1%.
The description of the effects of CBD and cannabis on the human body in the texts is fully in accordance with the law, as it refers exclusively to medicinal cannabis of Cannabis Sativa varieties, which has been legal in the Czech Republic since April 1, 2013.
The buyer is aware of the legislation and laws on cannabis in the Czech Republic, he is familiar with them, and with his purchase he undertakes to respect and comply with them.

The contract is concluded between the purchase parties (buyer and seller) on the day of purchase.


Form for withdrawing from the purchase contract.