The legality of cannabis is different in almost every country in the world, there is no common policy and every country approaches this topic differently. The laws are already differentiated from hemp seeds, their possession, cultivation of hemp plants and their processing, drying to the final possession of hemp or marijuana and its use. In some states, the use of medical cannabis is allowed - by prescription, in some places even for recreational purposes. The conditions for obtaining a medical cannabis prescription also vary. Cannabis laws also vary from state to state and this area is quite turbulent. A distinction is made between so-called technical cannabis and THC-rich cannabis. Technical cannabis is specified by a low THC limit, which each state has set differently. Knowing about this issue is not easy, which is why this column is here, where we would like to clarify this complex situation and inform readers with the help of blog posts about the legal status and legal aspects of cannabis in individual countries.

The legalization of cannabis is still a rather controversial topic, and this fact is proven by the different attitudes of states across the world. The issues of cannabis legislation and products containing it can sometimes be really quite complex. In recent years, this plant has become known to the general public mainly due to its medicinal potential and the popularization of non-psychoactive cannabis products, such as products with CBD, CBG and others.

Text for educational purposes only, always inform yourself about the current legislation in your country!