Hindu Kush and Purple Kush are two cannabis genetics that have several similarities but also significant differences.

Hindu Kush is known for its short and compact structure, which makes it a good choice for cultivation in higher mountain areas, especially in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. This genetics tends to produce varieties with strong and relaxing effects that are often used for pain and stress management.

Purple Kush, on the other hand, is known for its beautiful purple color that appears on the leaves and buds. This variety tends to be compact and low, making it suitable for growing in confined spaces. Purple Kush also has strong and physical effects, making it popular for relaxation and pain relief.

Both of these genetics have their own characteristics and ensembles that attract consumers and growers. The differences in their characteristics, including color, scent, and effects, make both of these varieties interesting options for different purposes.

The cultivation of some varieties of cannabis may be restricted by legislation.

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Skunk Kush - 10 seeds standardized Sensi SeedsSkunk Kush - 10 seeds standardized Sensi Seeds

Skunk Kush - 10 seeds standardized Sensi Seeds

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Genotype fifty-fifty
Genetics Early Pearl,Skunk,Northern Lights n. 5
Plants of the Skunk Kush variety have strong stalks and dark green leaves after Afghanistan. After Skunk n.1 inherited vitality and size,…